The contemporary artist exhibit at a great fair in Paris.
« Le temps du Rêve » Gallery
presents the painter Yvo Jacquier
________ Meeting between Primitive and Contemporary Art ________
Primitive and aborigenal art from Australia
Aborigenal Art
Contemporary art of the painter Jacquier
Primitive and Papous art from Oceania
Papous Art
We invite you to an outside limited voyage : a meeting between Contemporary Art and the papous and aboriginals cultures - the last ones in contact with Western civilization...

The modern art was born from the contemplation of the primitive arts...
Ronnie Tjampitjimpa is an indigenous artist living in a traditional way. He is recognized like a Master of Australian abstract painting. He however respects fifty thousand years of an old tradition !

In Occident also, some artists of the Ideorealist movement try to plunge to the deep sources of primitive art, reconciling beauty and sacred.

M. et D. YVONNOU - Primitive and Contemporary Art Gallery
Rue du general de Gaulle - 29 930 Pont-Aven - France
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Salon Maison et Objet de ParisSalon 'Maison et Objet' from the 3 to the 7 september 2004
This fair is reserved to professionals
'Le temps du reve' Gallery - Stand E 89 - Hall n°1
Parc des expositions de Villepinte - Paris nord II
O : 9h30 - C : 19h00 , Dim 20h00 , Dernier jour 18h00.
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3 000 stands, 67 000 clients, 2 500 journalists, 150 lands.
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