Prints and reproductions can't take the place of real paintings.
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The purpose of a reproduction is to give you an idea of the original work. But this idea is not the one of the artist: he thought the painting through a particuliar matter and texture in a particular size.

The prop is not the place where the painter gets rid of his signature

No reproduction methods can express what will always miss of an accomplished work: the living matter. The artist needs this matter, and the art lover can't do without it. Beyond the prop and the signature, the concrete expression of the gesture (gestation) is essential to our perception.

In that way, the collector does not only possess the signature of the artist at the purchase of an original work. He also preserve an essential hyphen for the entiere perception of the original work.

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Signature of the contemporary artist painter.
Contact: Yvo Jacquier
Galerie d'art contemporain
28, rue du general de Gaulle
29 930 Pont-Aven
Bretagne - France
Phone. 33 (0)2 98 06 14 50