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Biennial of Contemporary Art - Florence 2003
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Painting of a contemporary dancer
Work n°1: «Contemporary dance»
Mixed technique [with sand] on linen
Size: 100 X 160 cm - Margin: 10 cm

This art work tells the move of a dancer through a special material: the artist put elements of his earth to remain his origins. The lines of the initial stroke catch the movement without to confine it.
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     The material

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Zoom 1
Zoom on the material in this contemporary nude painting
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The material in contemporary art of nude
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Nude - particular view of the art work and its material
Painting of a contemporary nude
Work n°2: «Equilibrium of nude»
Mixed technique [with sand] on linen
Size: 100 X 250 cm - Margin: 0 cm [advise]

This nude painting is the widest work that the artist ever painted. The composition cares about an unusual view: the bottom and top margins make the figure more comfortable to the public sight, opening the space in this two directions.
The space around the contemporary art work

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Painting on canvas - the material
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The art of the material in contemporary art of nude
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The nude and its painting material