Graphic art : Jazz and its figures inspire the painter graphic choruses that looks like their elaborated improvisations .
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Jazz musicians
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CD Cover
" It's About Love "
    [Torii Records]

Reed Kotler: Composer
Gary Foster: Saxophone
Bill Cunliffe: Piano
Jeff D'Angelo: Double bass
Tim Pleasant: Drums

Jazz - references

Bill Cunliffe became well-known when he won the Theloneous Monk competition.
Gary Foster has a well-established reputation on the west coast of America.
Watercolor - Infography - Jazz
Jazz in Los Angeles

On this occasion, the contemporary painter used computer graphics
to make a synthesis of many of his works and to adapt it to the Subject : a Jazz quartet in Los Angeles

Three paintings were assembled by a multimedia technique. It was a great way to express the intimate and lyrical atmosphere of Reed Kotler's music.

Two other projects are currently taking shape.

Watercolor - Jazz - 2
Red composition
Watercolor - Jazz - 4
Page boy
Watercolor - Jazz - 1
Physical aspect:
In these works, the technique assembles drawing and water color. The music of jazz has this particularity to mix different influences. The stroke is not a simple line that separates two colored surfaces: it gives the strength to the painting by its dymamic will.
Fine art needs a long pratice of drawing.
Oil - Jazz - 5
Aven river
Human aspect:
The inspiration comes from the meeting with human persons who do their artistic job with sweat and effort. A kind of solidarity (complicity) with the musicians becomes evident in the study of the paintings result.
Contemporary art loves the truth in any situation.
Watercolor - Jazz - 6
Watercolor - Jazz - 7
Watercolor - Jazz - 3

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