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Yvo Jacquier



The artist who's talking about the technique part of his work becomes embarrassed : how to make the difference between practice and real life. The objective knowledge is deeply associated with the emotions. During his progression some reflexions complete this knowledge.


My work begins with the drawing. In my way the practice of the lines and the strokes needs more than a simple evocation of real. The creation is first a personal experiment when the hand find its way through a clear thought.

Not any decoration can stand something without a spinal colomn. An other image: What tailor could make a fortune in selling the tissues at the price of the smoking?

Without the soul of drawing, the works are a poor color's catalogue. The material is a trace that will never become a sign.


Technical invention
Each painter has his "triks of his trade". When one of this trick can be practised by other painters, it is a new technique. I mean when we don't recognize the first author through the result, when the style of the ones that follow is different.
My technique of lines with watercolor on wet paper matches with this definition. I never searched to be «the first» in the way of control with the pigments fog as soon as they are on contact of water. I was needing strokes instead of blots! Every advices about it might avoid a heavy time consuming... Unfortunately the few words that I caught about it affirm that this phenomenon is simply impossible! I found a new trade... I tried with a sheet of paper that I puted first in the deep of water.

The vocation of this technique is to be teached. I defend the graphic expression: our epoch condamn drawing to serve only publicity. What a shame!


Watercolor painting
Water painting takes now the main part of the art market in front of oil because of the acrylics practice. So, watercolor painting change of status! The tradition in France - only in France, invite the art lovers to use the word painting only for oil, even the majority of contemporary paintings are painted with acrylic! A "delicious" french exception...

I practise many techniques like charcoal or graphite drawing, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting, sketches or frescos... I try to chose the pertinent technique for each subject: to each inspiration.

The preoccupation of nuances, and the research of purety are ofen more easy to exprime on the paper with graphite and watercolor. Their size is unusual for this type, wider than the traditional works, that seems to be realized more in exterior places than in the painter's studio. The collectors, connoisseurs and curators are used to watercolor paintings with moderate sizes.


The design, the subject
The practice of design seems essential to learn and to find inspiration. Mind evolve during the study's session, and it developes the conscience of «what I see» and «what I foresee».

A long synthetic work comes after the painfull sketches of the beginning, that would be forgotten. One particular day, the white sheet becomes naturally fulled: the design comes from the deep of interior.


No error : this is a major technic, even its remuneration comes from publicity.

An original and authentic work can be defined in two ways: because its idea and through its support. But the support can be a mass production with only one unic idea... Creation has to be original before being a production/product.

Infography could be the argument to convince people that invention is mainly «the first idea» more than the insistance of the same idea.