This contemporary paintings website presents the studio , the gallery and the personal exhibitions of the french contemporary painter Yvo Jacquier. The artist's paintings are about drawing and calligraphy , oil paintings and nudes . His culture is the one of the primitive arts that the ideoralist movement admit as its origins.
Contemporary paintings.

Contemporary fine art through the new works of an emerging artist, and recent paintings for sale to galleries,  collectors and art dealers.

Contemporary art gallery of an emerging french artist through his fine art and paintings. Schedule of international and collective exhibitions.

The biography and technic of the contemporary painter.

video about a french artist and his contemporary art of painting.

The contemporary art movement -Ideorealism. Writings, events and international exhibitions.

Address and friendship links of the contemporary artist Yvo Jacquier.

The contemporary paintings of a french artist that concerns watercolours, drawings, calligraphies, oils and nudes. The international exhibitions in fine and contemporary art galleries.
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« The calligrapher bow down in front of the unknown and give his hand to creation's breath.
From then on, the fear of emptiness fly away and make way for infinite space. »