Through calligraphy , the contemporary painter tames the line and the material . This technique is new and its art writes on wet paper the move of the life .
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The websites increasing creates a confusion between infography and calligraphy. The artist's hand gives its memory to a computer. Human culture couldn't be virtual.
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Calligraphy in watercolors: Blue horse.
This horse scent a presence that it cannot see, it remain calm.
It accept being an object of a curiosity based on respect.
By his delicacy the stranger get the animal's trust.
Both guess's the beginning of a singular friendship.
The calligrapher bow down in front of the unknown and give his hand to creation's breath. From then on, the fear of emptiness fly away and make way for infinite space.
Blue horse - Calligraphy in watercolors - 56/76cm.
Calligraphy in watercolors: Fast ride.
The only certainty a horse may have while it's running is to ignore the difficulties that may come out on its road. Convinced it has a journey to do, the ambitious one runs with suppleness and open-mindedness ; its eye becomes alert.
Uncertainty live it in peace, it got the instinct to survive.
The works of the artist is constantly moving and alike the horse the calligrapher is on a blurred way. Their respective landmarks find their own positions and the run, as the drawing, open up radiating a mysterious energy.
Fast ride - Calligraphy in watercolors - 56/76cm.
Calligraphy in watercolors: Cat game.
The cat plays while it is learning to survive and the artist find pleasure in discovering the calligraphy. Colors in a dark whirling. One of them rise to the surface. The blue begins to breathe little by little.
Calligrapher's hands paddling with matter. Gradually, the painter enters the circle of life.
Cat game - Calligraphy in watercolors - 56/76cm.
Calligraphy in watercolors: Race's shortcut.
Embracing the horse's moving, the man give birth to a one and only movement. Spontaneously a path stand out and its line express the obviousness of its gist. Pure calligraphy, the hand traduces a symbol that becomes a timeless scripture.
Simplicity doesn't imply banality and the well advised glance will feel the mystic comprehension between the man and the animal. The painter, even after a so great resume can easily return to figurative. This is all what he does until reconsidering the world. His hand become liberated and his works smiles to him ...
Race's shortcut - Calligraphy in watercolors - 56/76cm.
Calligraphy in watercolors: Horse's comeback.
It recovers the joy of the meadows, it reminds its chilhood. With no blinkers it looks at the past. What was used to be uninteresting to its eyes is now touching.
The calligrapher made his life of man as his life of artist. Because yesterday he was open-minded, today he can have a serene look on his origins. He let to the past its due and he sees it for what it has been. This way he can understand the present and accept the future as one's own.
Horse's comeback - Calligraphy in watercolors - 56/76cm.
Calligraphy in watercolors: 'Le piaffe' of the horse.
Andalusia echos. No word is said in front of those peculiar rythms. It moves like a dancer and it let the rider go into a trance...
The animal is in a total acceptation. The dance is kinda natural, magic. The rider knew how to give rythm to his partner.
Talent exist throughout working.
'Le piaffe' of horse - Calligraphy in watercolors - 56/76cm.
Calligraphy in watercolors: Arabish horse.
Thousands of love tales related by desert's vagabonds, The horse travels as the golden dust and its body becomes a taste of 'volupte' ... begins to sound like an arabian song ...
Thousands of love tales carried by the winds, gust of sand, flying carpet, syllables elations , desert whispering. Universe fragments.
Arabish horse - Calligraphy in watercolors - 56/76cm.
Calligraphies in watercolors: Ariane.
This horse is reactive, it gives all it's got. There is a strong cohesion between the man and the animal. The jockey is not embarrassing his mount, he embrace its movement, becomes its continuation.
Adroit, he communicate to the horse all the energy it needs to jumb across the fence. In a calligraphie's technical, the painter's breath is sustained and all his body is involved. A physical preparation is essential to face the choice of surprise.
Calligraphies in watercolors - Ariane - 56/76cm.
Calligraphies in watercolors: Free.
A horse is free when it's not saddled as it is free to run with its rider. Freedom isn't doing anything.
A technical work out of painting make the artist's hand more supple, skillful. By fencing, the calligrapher discover an ocean of possibilities. He open himself to surprise in his own creation ...
Calligraphies in watercolors - Free - 38/52cm.
Calligraphies in watercolors: Celtic strength.
This horse use its strenght to jump across the fence. It finds its motivation in earth tradition. Its suppleness express the vestiges of a culture that refused the first scriptures.
The symbol doesn't lie. Silent picture.
Calligraphies in watercolors - Celtic strenght. - 56/76cm.
Calligraphies in watercolors: Symbol.
The horse's body shows its three parts. The horseman spawns his balance on the back of the animal. The initiated hand caresses indefinable skies. The magician of silence draw the soul's laughings, angels whisperings.
The calligrapher plays with the senses of symbols that reassure the men. Sign of the times ; art and religion open to men a passing to the divine.
Calligraphies in watercolors - Symbol - 56,5/71cm.
Calligraphies in watercolors: Geometry.
A soft hand behind those rigorous angles show us the origin of the horse's movements. The skin of this horse skirts its bone structure that is silent in this calligraphy. The lines that are choosen recall how the man may touch this animal. That explain the sensuality of this work surprising its geometry.
A detail came into this coherent assembling : the mouth of the horse sound like and african singing.
Calligraphies in watercolors - Geometry - 56/76cm.
Calligraphies in watercolors: Lady.
This mare demonstrate its beauty eloquently and this, without any futile provocation. It doesn't claim for what's already evident. Its modesty make it deserving its beauty. It incarnate femininity.
This female inspire respect and this fact may not be contested.
Calligraphies in watercolors - Lady - 42/57cm.
Calligraphies in watercolors: Rising.
To give the horse width we initiate it to a lengthen trot technical. The absence of any kind of power in the relation between the man and the animal create an harmonious atmosphere in this work.
The master find a complicity with the animal and the calligrapher become a friend of the matter.
Calligraphies in watercolors - Rising- 56/76cm.
Calligraphies in watercolours: Go ahead!
This horse seems to have a prodigious strenght and its silhouette curves recall its youth. It is at the outcome of its virginity whereas the calligrapher ends up his ideas gestation. It is comfortable to dream until your fantasies come true... And it's on a revelation day that we choose to commitment or not.
The horse and calligrapher forget about fear and assume what they have always been. Water carrier, truth messenger.
Go ahead, horse! - Calligraphy in watercolours - 56/76cm.
Calligraphies in watercolours: Alexandrine.
Mocking horse, nonchalants rhymes. Conniving, head and foot plays with assonanced verses. As soon as it vibrates a poem appears, smiling and claiming to become a project.
A poetic stroke furrows an alliance between heart and spirit. The calligrapher unite what seems dissonant.
Alexandrine - Calligraphy in watercolours - 56/76cm.
Calligraphies in watercolours: Caress of the calligrapher.
Lonely in its snug little world, this horse is nevertheless not embarrassed by a stranger.
The artist needs to meditate the same way as he needs to gaze at the world. Like a sleeper coming back of his celestial dreams he let us contemplate the colors of infinite through his eyes. The withdrawn creator myth now loose all its sense ...
Caress of the calligrapher - Calligraphy in watercolours - 56/76cm.
Calligraphies in watercolours: Like water.
Like a desire dissolving in water because infinite has choose her, a hand give up to the paint brush and let the water fantasies sing by her.
Supple, agile and fast as the cat, the river polish the stones, soften the obstacles and pour out to the sea.
Like water - Calligraphy in watercolours - 46/61,5cm.
Calligraphies in watercolours: The plate of milk.
Softness of simple moments. This cat gets its feed camly, it feels just like home.
When he was a kid, the calligrapher was inspired by an imaginary gush out from inland Brittany. He knew how to be present in those little moments where born big commitments.
Plate of milk - Calligraphy in watercolours46/61,5cm.
Calligraphies in watercolours: Way of cat's home.
Mighty work. There's a breaking strain with the past, this cat seems fixed. With an attentive look it scrutinizes the haze, obscure smoke of confused souvenirs.
It wants to clarify, put in order ; it needs to confront reality. It watch the propitious moment to react and it understands this necessity.
Way of cat's home - Calligraphy in watercolours - 46/62cm.
Calligraphies in watercolors: The mouse.
The look of this cat is very lucid, its waiting patient. Imperturbable is its eye as the time passing by. The pendulum will indicate the good moment to act.
The calligrapher knows to see the emergency of the instant and to let ripen what it must be before approaching it.
Warning: mouse! - Calligraphy in watercolours - 46/61,5cm.

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