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Yvo Jacquier • Biography in short

Painter born in 1958 - Brittany , France. Professional artist since 1980, his scientific education gives him the hability to understand all pictural techniques, from drawing and calligraphy to oil painting and watercolor.

The inspiration of the line seems to drive the evolution of his work (mainly figurative), that finds its plain opening out in horses and nudes paintings. Yvo Jacquier evolves a new aesthetic, with the deep influences of traditional arts (primitive or folk), and the moderns experience.

Dreams are needing reality. In 1999, Jacquier choosed a qualifier: Ideorealist.

A new movement was born. This one enter now into the international scene: the french painter is invited during the year 2003 by great exhibitions and fairs ; Barcelona and Florence. In 2004 he enters the " Le temps de rêve " gallery that will present his work in great international fairs.

His work is the theme of a university dissertation while he make a great discovery about the Tarots...

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