The contemporary paintings of the artist Yvo Jacquier at the collective exhibition of the gallery Art Cubic.
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This oil on canvas represent a horse saluting the sun
Caballo del sol

This oil on canvas reprensent a nude
Oliver's dream
This oil on canvas reprensent a couple
The representation of this horse shows the importance of the stroke
Quick time
The symbolic of Neptune searching its rider
This oil on canvas reprensent a figurative horse that becomes abstractive
Velvet step
This contemporary painting evoke a woman lying under the sun
The graphic designs of the artist finds its expression through the head of hair of a woman
Behind the lines
The Jazz Festival in Montreal is a coloured and jovial inspiration for the artist
Jazz festival
This draught horse reprensent the european ancient culture
Draught horse
This woman with a subtle sensuality is slowly talking with a landscape
Woman seen by the sun
The symbol of this ring unites the past of the Celts and the asian wisdom

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The contemporary works of the artist painter Yvo Jacquier.