The life of a contemporary painter can be written in many ways: through the studio, the art gallery or the exhibitions. The press release the biography's events, and explain the mastery of plastic art.
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Contemporary fine art through the new works of an emerging artist, and recent paintings for sale to galleries,  collectors and art dealers.

Contemporary art gallery of an emerging french artist through his fine art and paintings. Schedule of international and collective exhibitions.

The biography and technic of the contemporary painter.

video about a french artist and his contemporary art of painting.

The contemporary art movement -Ideorealism. Writings, events and international exhibitions.

Address and friendship links of the contemporary artist Yvo Jacquier.

Biography of the contemporary artist. The artist's sign. Studio of the artist.
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  The life of a contemporary painter has many faces. The international exhibitions put his creations in front of the art lovers and the collectors in the art market, and allows a meeting with other artists and contemporary creators. The relationship with the press and medias, particulary Internet, distributes the informations about culture. The real presence of the painter in a fixed place like an art gallery or a studio gives to the public a feeling of contact. An archives work that doesn't only concern historians and curators for the museums, make the work more clear in the people's mind. These many aspects of the career are the parallel of the life in the studio, that is the hart of all preoccupations.